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Healthy Sports Snacks: Pre-Game. For a longer game or training session, add some protein or fiber to slow digestion and sustain energy. To get these, choose fruit or low-fat protein options such as milk, turkey, or yogurt. But skip snacks with lots of sugar. What to avoid: Fatty foods, since these slow digestion,

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Heighten Your Hockey Power*. Hockey is a cold war that requires finesse, speed, power, endurance and dexterity. Peak fitness performance is important for any aspiring wing, center, defenseman, or goalie. In order to succeed, your fitness level must be as sharp as your skates.

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Organic Plant-Based Protein. Refuel your body after a hard workout with the cleanest plant-based protein available. Containing 30 grams of complete protein, 5.5 grams of BCAAs and 5 grams Glutamine and Glutamic Acid, Sport Organic Plant-Based Protein refuels and repairs muscles and promotes faster recovery.†.

Protein and amino acids for athletes

Vitamin D Vitamin D is the sunshine vitamin and boosts your immune system to help avoid catching those winter colds and resist whatever nasty bugs lurks in hockey change rooms. Greens Greens in powder or pill form are a great, natural “superfood.” It’s like having a fresh salad in a pill.

Sports Nutrition for Hockey Players

protein and amino acid ingestion is considered essential to performance. Amino acid and protein supplements have become a billion dollar industry. However, information stemming from research into the efficacy of elevated protein and amino acid ingestion, as well as the requirements for top sport athletes, is still relatively sparse.

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Apr 14, 2015 · Therefore, contrary to what many believe, it really is possible to succeed in the highly intensive world of sports on a vegetarian diet. These 15 vegetarian athletes rose to the top of the sports world — proving that you don’t need meat to excel athletically.


protiný sprostý holkyBioSteel is unmatched in the market and is proud to be raising the bar on consumer expectations of sport drinks, and has become the #1 purchased product in professional sports.

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protiný sprostý holkyNutrition guidelines for hockey. Visualize a peace sign. The triangle at the bottom of the peace sign should be protein, such as chicken, red meat, pork, fish or eggs. The remaining sections should include starch (pasta, rice, bread or cereal), and fruit or vegetables. Drink adequate fluid for high-intensity activity,

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